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Hosting the World: The 2010 Olympic Games

"Hosting the World" tells Whistler's story of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, from early Olympic visionaries to the culmination of their dreams.

Featuring an interactive area where you can hold the Olympic torch, try on an Olympic ski bib and wear the volunteer "smurf" uniform, the exhibit is hands-on and lots of fun.

We are also very proud to display the uniforms and gear of 13 of the Olympic and Paralympic athletes from the Sea-to-Sky corridor, including the snowboard cross uniform from Olympic gold medalist Maëlle Ricker and the racing helmet of Paralympic gold medalist Lindsay Debou.

Other highlights include the Paralympic Cauldron and torch bearing uniform, the Canadian team podium uniform, and a gate flag from the Olympic alpine ski races.

Tiny olympic exhibit


Other Exhibits

Of course, the development of Whistler preceded Olympic dreams, and the Museum aims to capture the spirit of Whistler's development from our earliest pioneers to our most recent memories. The Museum celebrates our community’s journey to the 2010 Winter Games, chronicling the story and artifacts of Whistler’s passionate visionaries who dreamed big and worked as a community to make it all happen.  From pioneers, fishing resort developers, artists, and ski bums to our many tourists and visitors, everyone had a hand in creating Whistler.

Whistler as we know it today is the legacy of an inspiration to host the 1968 Winter Olympics.  Inspiration is essential to the Whistler experience, and always has been.  From the very first settlers in this valley, Whistler's natural beauty has created a gathering place for people who are themselves inspirational, and the Museum tells their story.


The Whistler Museum features artifacts from all of Whistler's eras, including but not limited to: 

Whistler's Natural Environment, including an interactive discovery center
Interactive multi-media presentations of Whistler's defining milestones
Ski racing history
Hippie & Squatter history
The history of Whistler's Olympic Bids.

Guided tours of the exhibit are available by reservation, contact the museum at:


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Virtual Exhibits

The History of Olympic Bids in the Whistler Valley
The Virtual Museum of Canada - Community Memories Program

Photographs from the Whistler Question Collection
Visit the Museum to access this database of over 6,000 images.

CHiRP (Community Habitat Resources Project)

The third and final year of this project funded by the Community Foundation of Whistler was completed in 2006. The specific website for has been discontinued; however, the community data to date that has been collected and mapped will still be available for viewing on three different websites: the Community Mapping Network or, the Green Mapping website, and the Resort Municipality of Whistler site

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