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Whistler Nature 101 Training with the Whistler Museum

The Whistler Museum is launching a new program to elevate the knowledge of Whistler’s nature throughout the community, with a focus on nature tour companies.  Called ‘Whistler Nature 101 Training’, topics covered are wide ranging and include what you need to know about Whistler’s geography, geology, volcanoes and glaciers – and how these physical elements influence the variety of life here.

Whistler has a TON of biodiversity.  Since 2004, the Whistler Biodiversity Project lead by biologist Bob Brett has added over 3,300 species to Whistler’s total list of over 3,800 species.  We have over 1,000 plants, over 2,000 animals and over 800 fungi – with the list growing by about 200 new species every year!  Biodiversity is the foundation of healthy, functioning ecosystems upon which all life depends.  Knowing what species we have, as well as the habitats they require, is the first step to protecting biodiversity.  Biodiversity and tourism are so integrated, they affect each other in a way that can make or break tourism economies.

What’s fascinating about Whistler’s landscape and biodiversity is how all physical factors and species are interrelated – and that some of the connections are not always obvious.  What do fungi have to do with the health of a forest?  How are bugs connected to bears? What about lichens and marmots?

The Whistler Museum’s ‘Whistler Nature 101 Training’ is broken up into a seminar portion as well as field trips. The seminar covers all the nature basics and is required before attending additional field trips with wide ranging topics.  The seminar will run twice to start, on Monday May 30th and Thursday June 2nd from 9 am – noon.  The cost is $50 to attend and includes resource materials.  The field trips will run the week of June 6th with a final schedule and pricing to be available soon.

To register please phone the Whistler Museum at 604-932-2019.

Dates: The seminar will run twice to start, on Monday May 30th and Thursday June 2nd from 9 am – noon.  

Cost: $50 to attend and includes resource materials. 

The program would not have been possible without generous funding from the Community Foundation of Whistler 


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