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Want to know more about Whistler’s amazing nature?

This is the second year [2017] the Whistler Museum is offering a three hour training seminar to elevate the knowledge of Whistler’s nature throughout the community.  Called Whistler Nature 101, this professional development opportunity teaches about Whistler’s original asset, our incredible natural environment.

Topics covered in Whistler Nature 101 are wide ranging and include what you need to know about Whistler’s geography, geology, volcanoes and glaciers – and how these physical elements influence the variety of life here.  And Whistler has a TON of biodiversity. 

Since 2004, the Whistler Biodiversity Project lead by biologist Bob Brett has added over 3,500 species to Whistler’s total list of over 4,000 species (and growing every year).  Biodiversity is the foundation of healthy, functioning ecosystems upon which all life depends.  For anyone who’s curious about the natural world, Whistler is a pretty awesome place to be. 

Please join us as we share valuable knowledge needed to fully experience and appreciate all the natural wonders in our breathtaking valley. 


  • “Whistler is far more interesting (in terms of biodiversity) than I ever imagined.”
  •  “Thanks for putting this on, great resource for guides to get broad info in short timeframe!”
  •  “Very knowledgeable and good at explaining everything.  Easy to understand and relate.”


Nature 101 Outline


  • All natural processes and organisms, including us, are interconnected.
  • Whistler is within the traditional territory of the Squamish & Lil’wat First Nation
  • Biodiversity is the foundation of healthy, functioning ecosystems upon which all life depends – and is exceptionally complex.

               -        What is biodiversity?

               -        Why does biodiversity matter?

  • Whistler has just the right ingredients to support a ton of biodiversity.

                -        Whistler has a special place on the map (geography)

                -        Whistler has huge mountains & a volcanic past (geology & volcanology)

                -        Glaciers have left their mark (glaciology)

  • Thanks to the Whistler Biodiversity Project, over 4,000 species have been documented in Whistler

                   -          Overview of biodiversity in Whistler by kingdom (plants, animals & fungi)

  • Every living thing needs energy and a place to live. A food web shows how species depend on each other.

                   -          Overview of biodiversity in Whistler by kingdom (plants, animals & fungi) 

  • Our enjoyment of this landscape includes responsibility for its care.

                   -        Introduction to Whistler’s nature based organizations

  • Whistler has lots of great places to discover biodiversity & interconnectivity.
  • Knowing the information is one skill, communicating it is another.

A PDF of this outline can be found here.

To Register

The Whistler Nature 101 seminar is three hours with handouts & other learning materials provided.  Cost is $50 per person. 

The seminar is scheduled for different dates in May, with more sessions added by request.  Location is either at the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre (SLCC) or the Whistler Public Library (WPL). 

May 2: 9 am – 12 pm @ WPL

May 6: 9 am – 12 pm @ SLCC

May 11: 9 am – 12 pm @ SLCC

May 13: 9 am – 12 pm @ SLCC

May 16: 6 – 9 pm a@ WPL

May 18: 1 – 4 pm @ WPL

May 23: 1 – 4 pm @ WPL

May 30:  9 am – 12 pm @ WPL

To register please call the Whistler Museum at 604-932-2019.  For more information, email Kristina at

The program would not have been possible without generous funding from the Community Foundation of Whistler 


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